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Cynthia Skelley-Wohlschlager, DMA


"In the opera's most dramatic role of the prioress, Madame de Croissy, Cynthia Skelley-Wohlschlager applied commanding intensity to every line. Her death scene was a disquieting highlight."
Donald Rosenberg, The Plain Dealer,

"The two linchpin characters, Magda Sorel and the Consul’s Secretary, as played by soprano Diana Farrell and mezzo-soprano Cynthia Wohlschlager, were both powerfully sung and acted...Wohlschlager managed to portray The Secretary’s own captivity to the government bureaucracy with sly humor."
Daniel Hathaway, Cleveland Classical

"The Queen's ladies set the vocal and sartorial tone. The three ladies who rescued him – Laurel Weir, Michelle Lajeunesse, and

Cynthia Skelley-Wohlschlager –

set the vocal standard for the evening"

Frank Kuznik,  Cultured Cleveland


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